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delim{|}{{1/N} sum{n=1}{N}{gamma(u_n)} - 1/{2 pi} int{0}{2 pi}{gamma(t) dt}}{|} <= epsilon/3

This is a free program for calculating and publishing of mathematical documents on the Internet, working under WordPress.org. You can download the latest version here.

Current version: 0.2.1

With this version you can count with all basic math function (log, sin, cos, root, exp…). This plugin is for people, who will publish math document online, or add opinion to page visitors to count math documents with their own variables. 

Using is easy. You write as usual just all math formulas surround with <m></m> or <x></x>.  This will count these parts and convert to pictures.

Have fun. 

What this plugin can do:

    • Publish several math formulas.
    • Add, subtract, multiply, divide.
    • Couting with matrices.
    • Creating graphs.
    • Boolean logic: >, >=, <, <=, !=.
    • Show results: a=10 b=10 c=a+b=20
    • Insert variables: add a “==” to the end of a formula, the variables will be inserted first and afterwards the result will be shown: c=a+b=10+10=20
    • Add form with custom variables for page visitors.
    • Convert e-mail adresses in posts and pages to a *.png picture. (spam protection).
    • Static counting.
    • Functions like min, max, sin, cos, root, round, Round, ceil, Ceil, floor, Floor, radn, Rand (full list)…
    • Use basic units. 
    • Some mathematical constans 

The following features:

    • Couting with matrix. Function Sum.
    • Better user interface.
    • Add graphs.

How it works:

    • Each formula is transformed into an image by a php script which returns the corresponding html code. You simply surround the formula with <m></m> or <x></x>  .
    • In one tag there can be more fomulas at once. Separate them with a ";" a=10 b=10 c=a+b=20 . Using the ";" separator the formulas will appear inline. If you need a linebreak use "n;". For some text inside use "p:" 
    • If you only want to convert the formula into a picture, surround the formula with <x></x>.
    • You can add a form with custom variables for page visitors. Just type [form]a=10;b=10;c=15[/form]
    • If you add to document [static*all], it will count the document one time and replace formula=0 with formula=result. This will save the server some work. If you want to transform just some formulas to static, surround them with [ static]formulas[/static ]. Remember: all variables counted inside a static area must be defined in this area or other static area before. 
    • E–mail adresses are simply transformed to pictures. This feature can be disabled in WP Math settings.

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