Change Log


    • fixed bugs with matrices
    • fixed bug with result round


    • fixed bug with graph url


    • Creating Graphs
    • Add couting with matrices
    • UNITS and some Math functions are NOT WORKING


    • Php functions checked. Online manual
    • Add basic units.
    • Add functions Floor,Ceil,Round,Random,a^x, root{10}{1024}, log(number,base), cot()


    • Add functions (acos, acosh, asin, asinh, atan, atanh, baseconvert, bindec, ceil, cos, cosh, decbin, dechex, decoct, exp, floor, fmod, getrandmax, hexdec, hypot, isfinite, isinfinite, isnan, lcgvalue, log, max, min, mtgetrandmax, mtrand, mtsrand, octdec, pi, pow, rand, round, sin, sinh, sqrt, srand, tan, tanh)

0.1.6 beta

    • Optimalizing calculations. Add [static*all] to convert all formulas in document to static formulas. Or surround some formulas with [static][/static] to convert just them.
    • Solved security for [form][/form]
    • Add some settings

0.1.3 beta

    • Page visitors can add own variables
    • Multiple formulas in one <m></m>

0.1.2 beta

    • Customize font size
    • Solved bug with url

0.1.1 beta

    • E-mails in pages and posts replaced by *.png picture
    • Some bugs with TinyMC solved

0.1 beta

    • Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide
    • = -> show result
    • == -> show unknown

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