Basics of useBasics

This plugin replaces math formulas with pictures. All formulas you want to transform to a picture must be surrounded by <m>formula</m> or <x>formula</x>.

  • Useful information about how to use this plugin can be found in Tips & Tricks.
  • For more inputs in function use ";"
  • For decimal point use "."

Difference <m></m> and <x></x>.

  • With formulas in <m></m> plugin counts a=10 b=10 c=a+b=20
  • Formulas in <x></x> plugin just transform S(f)(t)=a_{0}+sum{n=1}{+infty}{a_{n} cos(n omega t)+b_{n} sin(n omega t)}


  • “=” add result c=a+b=20
  • “==” add variables and result c=a+b=10+10=20


( ) - visible brackets

  • <x>a=((a-b)/10)*a_m</x> doubleright a=((a-b)/10)*a_m

{} - invisible brackets

  • <x>a={(a-b)/10}*a_m</x> doubleright a={(a-b)/10}*a_m

3 Responses to Basics

  1. demo says:


  2. Jack says:

    Great plugin!! One question though, is it possible to hide any of the characters of the calculation and only display the result?

  3. admin says:

    No, it is not. But quite good idea. My be in the next version.

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